IM A BRICK............written by: frenchy burrito/rodd willings

Im a brick, Im a brick
I am what I am
Im a holding up this house
Just a doing the best I can
My daddy was a stone and
My momma was one too
And They said son go and
Do the best you can do


I got a cousin in the street
I got a sister who's of grass
And one they say for us
Were sure made to last
And it was twenty years ago today
That I was laid here amoungest all this clay

Im a brick, Im a brick
I am what I am
Im a holding up this house
Just doing the best I can
Now here I lie just a part of this wall
And I help to hold it up and thats all

Written by: Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Copyright and published 1992 Red Banana Music BMI

Behind The Song: The continuing story of IM A BRICK. Brick by brick the song has survived! (It was built to last!)

This song was written in Frenchy Burrito's basement at 1419 LeClair Street Pittsburgh, PA in 1976 at a rehearsal for Greg's (Frenchy's) band CITY LIGHTS. Members included Rodd Willings, Doug Miles, Aaron Mitchel and Joe Blisky. Ward the brick was behind Frenchy's regular rehearsal position....and inspired the song.

It's only release to date appeared on Frenchy's independent cassette tape EAT THE MELLON released in 1993 in a live format. This live  performance was done at the BLUE GROTTO COFFEE HOUSE in McKeesport, PA. Rodd and Kasey Comini sang back-up, wih Josh Thompson on guitar, Mike Kolesar on drums and Jim Bird on bass . Chuck Owston made the recording.

It was also being performed by co-author Rodd Willings band CHINA PHROG before Rodd's untimely death. I always thought of it as being absurdity mixed with Chinese wisdom and one of our stranger collaborations.

Another 4-track home recording has recently been discovered in the TAXI RECORDS archives.  It was done on 5/17/93 at 320 Walnut Street  Homestead, PA featuring Mike Kolesar on drums and Jim Bird on bass. Frenchy played some gigs  with Mike and Jim in the '80's and early '90's

I know there are more recordings of it out there from the past and will pop up eventually. I'm in the process of making a studio recording at present. (Its about time!)

To be continued............

See recordings for more info.

FRENCHY BURRITO and the folk pistols