mosquitoville (revisited)
written by: frenchy burrito

woke up this morning couldn't pay the rent
guess I was down to that last dead president
called my girl packed my clothes
headed south where it aint so cold
so long sweet home chicago

I'm getting older but i remember still
When I was back there in Mosquitoville
I know I'm dreaming and it's not for real
But I don't care it's the way I feel

Playing weird songs on this here guitar
Barley a blip on music radar
And i't the truth it's been up hill
All because I spent time back there in Mosquitoville

Like that stripper I met in old Key West
She drank Scope Mouthwash naked in a burple vest
She liked Joe Pecie and she always wore a thong
And listened to John Lee Hooker every night
And all day long

Eating Key Lime pie on United Stree
Shaking cocconuts from a tree in the burning heat
Tennesee Williams was there way back when
Before you know who was blowin' in the banana wind

Panama, Mexico and Sloppy Joes
A real good movie with no heros
Maddness and mystery and intrigue all the while
I feel like Moulder and Scully a real X-file

So if your ever lost in Mosquitoville
You took a wrong turn in your coup de ville
Your ship starts sinking and you aint got no life boat
It's not too late no - don't you ever give up hope


FRENCHY BURRITO and the folk pistols