FRENCHY BURRITO and The Folk Pistols
SONGS written by Frenchy Burrito except where noted

Simple Man
Gandy Dancer
Counting All The Times
Jackie Wilson
Lines And Bounderies
Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum
The Ballad Of John Dillinger
City Lights
Broadway Limited
Im Brick---------------------------------------------------------  Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
It Aint Been Easy  ----------------------------------------------  Frenchy Burrito/Doug Miles
My Banana  ------------------------------------------------------- Frenchy Burrito/Doug Miles
Casa Blanca Beer
What Am I Doing Here
Father Time
Winter Serenade  ------------------------------------------------  Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
True Romance
Panama  ---------------------------------------------------------  Frenchy Burrito/Doug Miles
Homeless Hearts
Shade Of Shadyside
Bell Jar Blues (blind ambition)
Two Hearts Are Blue
For The Melody  -------------------------------------------------  Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Arnt You Bored?  ------------------------------------------------- Frenchy Burrito/Frenchy Burrito Band/Jim Danials
Panther Hollow Rag  --------------------------------------------   Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Senorita California  --------------------------------------------  Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings/Hans Werner
Hurricane In Paradise   -----------------------------------------  Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Lo-Fi World
Low In Rain
Look Homeward Angel
The Talkin' Skunk Oil Blues
Bullet Proof
Midnight Cafes  -------------------------------------------------  Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Ode To A Loudon (circa 1972)
Drifters Dream
Back Porch Blues
Just Like A Bob Dylan Song
Minows In A Small Pond
Station Wagon Man
Bar Stool Fool
Blue Diamonds  --------------------------------------------------  Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Two Hobos A Drunk And A liar
Demons And Derelicts In An Angel's Eye
Einstein Riding On Light
Slow Rider
Bamboo Shades
Cabs Cabs Cabs
Old And Worn
One Way Ticket To Paris
Contemplations Of The lilly Ponds
Lifers  -------------------------------------------------------   Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Piano Blues Song
A Tree In My Back Yard
Flea Market Apocolypse
Mogadishu Wireless Radio Blues
Bermuda Triangle
Into The 21st Century   ----------------------------------------   Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Down An Old Road Again (the lone gunman)   ---------------------   Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Play It Again Sam  ---------------------------------------------   Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings
Dream Cafe  ----------------------------------------------------   Frenchy Burrito/Rodd Willings/Hans Werner
Mosquitoville (revisited)
Casa blanca Interlude
Townes Van Zandt Camper Van Blues
The Ghost Of Rodd Willings
Uncle Lefty
The Whole Enchilada
Telephone Answering Song
Thespians And Paramours